The Wellspring Publishing Group

The Wellspring Publishing Group Vision Statement

Those who speak
do not know.
Those who do not speak
don't know either.

     It is human nature to speculate about so-called "reality;" and to fabricate imaginary schemes describing how "reality" might actually work. In order to function, we seem to have a perpetual and urgent "need to know" how the world works in which we find ourselves, and how we can live functionally within its context. As a species, we Earth-humans have a long way yet to go in this exploratory venture.

     Being infinitesimal microcosms (⅟∞) of our contextual macrocosm (∞), there is scant consensus, and considerable debate among various human perceptions of what we like to call "reality" — resulting, it would seem, in much "unreality," widely dispersed among human minds.

     On the basis of information reaching us through our limited sensory apparatus, we each create a seamless image in our minds of the Cosmos in which we imagine that we dwell: of which each of us occupies the foreground of all we survey; and we consequently perceive "All Things" revolving around our individual selves.

      Occupying a central part of us from birth by virtue of our distinct individuality, this perception is naturally an illusion; yet penetration of the illusion requires some maturity, and the acquired understanding that it is an illusion shared potentially by any being in Cosmos capable of perceiving a distinction between "self" and "not-self."

     Such distinctions may themselves be illusions: for no part (⅟∞) of Cosmos could possibly exist in the absence of all of it (∞). Even though each of us appears to be a microcosm of infinitesimal significance, each of us is entitled to an identity with the entire macrocosm: because neither could exist without its reciprocal counterparts. This identity applies not only to Earth-humans, but to individual quantum fields, atoms, molecules, microbes . . . planets, solar systems, galaxies . . . and to whatever else may be identified as participating in Cosmos.

     The vision and purpose of The Wellspring Publishing Group, and The Wellspring Library, is to facilitate the process of Cosmic exploration, and to attract an accumulation of scholarship and research in fields of interest to explorers with the creativity, and the courage, to pioneer paths through trackless wilderness in quest of possibilities that may never before have occurred to anyone.

     Every human endeavor requires effort; and every human effort is rewarded or penalized by its results. In this way, we are ceaselessly instructed in the distinction between patterns that work, and patterns that do not. Those who wish to add their effort to the endeavors of The Wellspring Publishing Group will find means of doing so, and are welcome. Those who wish to add their effort to alternative endeavors will find means of doing so, and are also welcome. In this way, we make our choices, and shape ourselves, thereby shaping the world that shapes us. It is a pattern that seems to have been in operation for as long as we can remember, or imagine. It seems to work.