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Daniel Cobb is the author of Reversing Heart Disease The Easy Way (45 pp., 1.8 MB), and other Works.

As part of his acupuncture practice, Daniel Cobb spends most of his time and energy on holistic medical, public health, and nutritional issues. He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the state of New Mexico. He received his license in 2002. He teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Southwest Acupuncture College, and New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, in Santa Fe. He accepts most opportunities to speak in public about a variety of health-care issues. He has published health-care related articles in Well Being Journal, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, and various local Santa Fe publications.

He was thrown into the world of holistic health-care in 1992 when he was very sick with chronic fatigue tied to pesticide poisoning. Seeing that conventional medicine offered him very little, he proceeded to read, and dive into holistic medicine in hopes that his condition could be reversed. Nineteen years later, he spends a lot of his time trying to guide others through the reversal of their chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.

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Daniel Cobb's health messages for the world include:

  • Heart disease: Plaque deposits are not heart disease. Accumulated damage to artery walls is heart disease. Plaque deposits are nature's perfect band-aid to prevent breakthrough bleeding at the site of a weakened artery wall. Reversing heart disease is simply a matter of optimizing the nutrition for the purpose of repairing the backlog of damage in the arteries.

  • Type II Diabetes: Type II diabetes is cell membranes that are so full of toxic "gunk" that the insulin can no longer get the glucose into the cell. Get the toxic gunk out of your cell membranes with a very pure diet, and you will be rid of your diabetes.

  • Osteoporosis: I have never read about a case where osteoporosis was reversed simply by taking increasingly higher doses of calcium and vitamin D. Louis Kervran, a French biologist, gave us a huge clue about how to proceed with osteoporosis when he pointed out that most (or all) of the calcium in our bones does not enter our mouth as calcium. Instead, it enters our mouth as magnesium, potassium, or silica, and is transmuted by our bodies as part of the normal process of building bones.

  • Overall health and resistance to disease: Optimize your nutrition (from food and supplements), carefully control your environmental exposures, drink good water, breathe pure air, get regular exercise, regularly get sunlight, spend time with people who are emotionally supportive, and believe in yourself. If you do all of these things, you will be exceptionally resistant to colds, flu, infectious diseases, cancer, chronic conditions, depression, etc. Barring unfortunate traumatic injury, you can expect to be mentally enthusiastic and physically active into your 90s. This is what you are designed to do. Take it and run with it.

Daniel Cobb's statement on challenging health-care:

The health-care industry is an almost totally dysfunctional multi-trillion dollar a year industry, with hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. This industry is capable of spending enormous sums of money protecting its future profits, and can be ruthless in promoting its own excesses, and suppressing its competitors.

What we need in health-care is the demonstration that the principles of holistic medicine actually work — not just marginally, but spectacularly well — for pennies on the dollar, compared to conventional medicine. We should be pursuing opportunities to produce examples that are so obvious, and so strong, that they can overcome the obfuscation tactics of the conventional medical industry.

Dr. Cobb may be reached by e-mail here. Note: You may have to copy the address into your e-mail client to send Dr. Cobb a message.

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