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Daniel Cobb is the author of Reversing Heart Disease The Easy Way (45 pp., 1.8 MB), and other Works.

Here's a testimonial from the acupuncture college where I taught Anatomy & Physiology. This student didn't actually take my class, but she did sit in on a lunchtime presentation that I did on heart disease. It's a sequence of two unedited e-mails, and it's sort of a before-and-after thing.

Subject: Marguerite is SO CONFUSED!
Date: 11/21/2009 6:11 PM
To: "Dan Cobb"

Hi and HELP!  I'm so confused after spending way too many hours doing research.  I have hypertension (I've been taking crap meds for 3 years and I want off).  So after your presentation, I'm hopeful that your protocol will help me.  OK, this is where I am recommend 3 GM/day of ascorbic acid for prevention, split up into 500 mg doses.  Sounds good to me, but where I am getting confused is in reading Mary Enig's book "Eat Fat to Loose Fat".  In that book she recommends Acerola Powder/Amla tablets (also contain bioflavonoids and rutin) at 50-250 mg/day split into doses.  She specifically mentions Dr. Pauling; but she is saying that his recommended doses can lead to KD problems as well as bioflavonoid deficiences.  She specifically states, "small quantities of natural vitamin C can provide the same protection as large amounts of pure ascorbic acid, without the side effects.

I am in no way questioning you nor Linus Pauling....As they say, the "proof is in the pudding" (whoever they are and whatever that means).  What I mean is that I know you are coming from a place of personal experience....and that definitely works for me!..

So, do you have any insight into this so that I can make a decision.  I need to plan my expenses out very know, the poor student thing.

Thanks for Bruce Wrights email.  No doubt he wouldn't know who the hell I am, but, my brief encounter with him obviously stayed in my mind.  It's also pretty cool, that you know him too.  Thanks Dr. Cobb and I think what you to really educate and help people is quite awesome.

Oh, the DVD on diabetes that you will be showing....who's DVD is it David Getoff's by any chance?  I spent a lot of time on his site today and he mentions giving his educational DVD's to the westonprice people.  Just curious. may have created a nutritional "monster" in me.  Perhaps I will follow in your footsteps and make education a part of whatever I will wind up doing.  Thanks for lighting the fire!  Sincerely, Marguerite

Subject: Marguerite
Date: 4/13/2010 10:02 AM
To: Dan Cobb

Hey Dan! Greetings from Wisconsin where I'm riding the roller coaster of trying to earn a living. Wanted to share with you....I no longer need to take meds for hypertension. That's cuz I've been doing the Vitamin C protocol from your book. Thanks mucho! Marguerite (from SWAC)

This is an unedited e-mail from one of my more motivated heart disease patients. He stumbled into one of my heart disease presentations at Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage) in about March of 2011 completely by accident, and he never looked back.

He took home the handout that I provided and immediately started implementing parts of it (I try to give complete information handouts just so that people can do this).

The first thing he did was to stop taking his statin drug. Within 3 days he was feeling and looking so much better that his wife started to notice and wanted to follow his lead. Then things just took off for them. He quickly implemented the entire heart disease prescription, but he didn't stop there.

He did a tremendous job of regaining his health and becoming very educated about supplements, food, and related issues.

He did this entirely on his own, and never once paid a dime to any medical person (including myself).   I talked to him occasionally during his recovery because I buy a lot of my groceries where he is the produce manager. His story is evidence that those who are willing to take the time and trouble to take control of their own health-care, and do so intelligently, can do amazingly better than the conventional model.

Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 16:20:39 -0700
From: D Ski
To: Dan Cobb

Ok here I go Again you monthly supplement lesson
Heart disease is chronic scurvy, lack of vitamin C -

Dr. Dan, doctor of oriental medication gave this seminar at my store. Dr Dan Cobb

I have had a 6 way heart by pass surgery 5 years ago and was on crestor, hydrochlorithyozide, metotropolol ,asprin and felt terrible. My legs where weak ,could not walk up a flight of stairs without a hand rail support, what stamina  I had I used up at work and was exhausted when I got home had to take a nap. blood pressure was still high cholesterol was very low.

I ran into one of Dr. Dans seminars, and it proved to be a changing point in my life of on going medications. Dr Dan got me off all the meds and on a nutritional suppliment program, My old doctor didn't even  tell me to take CO q 10 to help with the statin side effects. Now I've been on Vitamin C 6 grams for 4 months, and now taking lower doses. I've lost about 43 pounds and feel much better now, legs are getting there strength back, blood pressure is down. All the meds were slowing my system down so much I couldn't do anything without feeling exhausted.

Vitamin d 1000iu for every 25 lbs of body weigh per day every state above Alabama people are deficient in D in the winter.

I take 10,000 a day 7000 some days 14000 other days. liquid

plus 50,000 to 75,000vitamin A  winter and for asmha

4 types vitamin e

Hawthorn berry for blood pressure and L- theanine or theanine serine with gaba the l theanine is a alp[ha wave helper and a beta wave decreser.

Nancy and I both juice veggies and fruit at Least once a day with a scoop whey protein(whey and natural peanut butter have arginine , proline, lysine in it which removes plaque from arteries)

beta sitosterol for prostate and to remove cholesterol

lypo enzmye , digest gold, nattoese-k(blood prevents blood clots in the legs and stroke) ,pH-BASIC all by

300 ml CO-q10 ubiquinal

lecithin 1200mg  twice a day

krill oil

omega 3 nordic naturals Omega 3's  4 kinds rotated

cheated Magnesium 200 MG  2  to 3 times a day

elderberry syrup to prevent flu ,it wraps the cells so flu can't duplicate themselves

anazaxthin and CLA for inflammation(which Nancy takes also for her ashma) , also try not to eat sugar because it is inflammatory

Drink green Green tea, no more coffee, well some times. its winter

I'm off all blood pressure meds and cholesterol pills ( no meds )

oh and a multi vitamin
plus I take

adrenal support by gaia


ginko biloba

oh, and I add spirolina and green magma to the juice in the morning

recipe 4 or 5 leaves romaine lettuce ,5 carrots,  1 cucumber , 4 or 5  celery stalks , spinach hand full,

ginger small amount size of a quarter, 2 apples in juicer,

then a bananas in the blender along with the juice and whey protein add spirolina, and green magma

just call me Jack La lane , should make 3 serving's full blender full

Nancy has this also in the morning that I make before I go to work, minus the spirolina and green magma
oh real organic butter , avocados, almonds,
and coconut oil for cooking and coconut milk for cereal only, no low fat milk or non fat milk
those are good fats
olive oil fried at high heat you ingest free radicals when it breaks down

Vitamin D -
Mayo Clinic offers award-winning medical and health information and tools for healthy living.

oh NAC, Alpha lipoic acid, Acetyle L Carnitine,D- ribose , MSN and B shots with folic acid too..

of coarse the incentive is to not have my chest ripped open again for another by pass surgery, plus I take a seminar a week on nutrition and suppliments, learn something new everyday at work. easier to absorb when your surrounded by it everyday, I guess your are who you hang around with.(Herbal Nutrionists)

Everyone above Alabama is getting no Vitamin D in the winter you guys must be gluttens for punishment and love to be sick, and it suppose to fight off 5 kinds of cancer I take 1000ml for every 25 pounds of body weight, or more to build up to optimum levels I take 10,000 to 14,000 a day 7 drops of the liquid 2000 a drop.

subsribe to dr mercola e mail

Be healthy and take care of yourself no one else will, I hope some of you will heed the post

ex, 6 way bypass patient, wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season

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Nutritional Treatment of Heart Disease - Dan Cobb DOM

Daniel Cobb DOM explains the vitamin C theory of heart disease, gives a nutritional prescription, and calls into question the reasons for taking statin drugs...

I love you Doctor Dan

I even put his links on my website
with the vitamin C regiment to share with everyone

Dave C.

Santa fe, NM 87507

This is a different kind of testimonial. This file contains before-and-after cardio-vascular function tests [PDF document, 3 pp., 463.1 kB]. The test results speak for themselves to people who understand such tests.

The "before" test shows heart disease. The "after" test shows no heart disease. The tests are a few days more than 2 months apart.

After the original tests were done, the woman's health insurance company was ready to pay for the surgery to insert stents. They wanted to do this immediately.

The woman insisted upon getting another test done. She had told me that she didn't really question the first test but she knew that the second test would take about 2 months to schedule and what she really wanted was to have two months to try to find an alternative answer without alienating her regular MD and cardiologist.

Within a few days, she found me, and started with my heart disease prescription. She was the perfect patient in that she meticulously did exactly what I told her.

After the second test, she went to meet with her MD (Dr. Barry Ramo). Dr. Ramo apparently had not looked at the test results before-hand. Once in the room with the patient, he looked at the original test, and then looked at the second test. He then looked back at the original test to make sure, and back at the second test again. Seemingly to check the dates and to make sure that the patient name was the same, and to make sure that he wasn't looking at misfiled paperwork, he checked both tests 4 times before finally speaking to the patient.

He told her that she didn't have heart disease any more, and that she should come back in a year or two.

The woman then proceeded to tell him about the nutrients that she had used to reverse the heart disease in such a short time. Dr. Ramo said that her nutritional program didn't have anything to do with the reversal of her condition.

Over the next year or so, this woman was so enthused about the reversal of her heart disease, that she was looking for opportunities to share her experience with family, friends, and acquaintances who had some degree of heart disease. She was sure that her testimonial would sway many of them to consider this approach.

She was wrong. Time after time, friends and family rejected what she told them as preposterous. The most common statement was that "if this was true, they would have already heard about it" (see the circular logic?).

After about a year of trying to spread the word, she finally gave up. Next time she saw me, she gave me a copy of her medical records telling me that maybe I would have better luck convincing people of the effectiveness of the vitamin C therapy.

And so it goes.

Dr. Cobb may be reached by e-mail here. Note: You may have to copy the address into your e-mail client to send Dr. Cobb a message.

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